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Damn them! Let them get on with it. It was Jimmy he was worried about, and those bloody Pitties were beginning to scare him. Little fish protected by big fish!

He turned to her. I m goin down, he said.

All right. She rose from the couch. I ll go with you.

You ll do nothing of the sort. It s coming down whole water now.

If you re going down there tonight I m going with you

He closed his eyes for a moment; he knew that tone. Well, get your things on. His voice was almost a growl.

As she was walking towards the door, she said, I ll tell Stoddard.

No, no. He came to her side. You don t want to get the carriage out at this time of night. And he ll be settled down. I meant to walk.

All right, we ll walk.

Oh, woman!

Oh, man! She smiled at him and tweaked his nose, then left the room smiling.

Half an hour later they went up the steps and into the boathouse and startled Jimmy and Mr Richardson who were playing cards.

Oh, hello. Jimmy slid to his feet; then looking from one to the other, he asked, Anything wrong?

Not at our end; what about this end? What s this I m hearin ?

Oh that. Jimmy nodded, then said, Well, it s done one thing. He was looking at Charlotte now. The river polis have been past here three times to my knowledge this afternoon. That s . . . that s with you going down there. Hardly seen them afore. That should warn the bug . . . beggars off for a bit.

Aye, for a bit. Rory pulled a chair towards Charlotte. She sat down, and what she said was, Have you plenty to eat?

Oh aye. Jimmy smiled at her. Lizzie s been down this afternoon an baked. She feeds me up as if I was carryin tw . . . He swallowed and the colour flushed up over his pale face as he amended Lizzie s description of pregnancy, carrying twins for eighteen months, with cartin coals to Newcastle.



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